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Why Resist Again

by Catherine Ellis

Rating :17+
Disclaimer : All the Star Trek characters belong to Paramount. I'm just giving them a little exercise.

Summary : 'Why Resist' was my first attempt at writing something sexual explicit. On re-reading my effort several months later I decided I could do better. Here is version two, this time written from Bev's point of view.

Dr Crusher's Personal Log:

Things certainly got out of control this morning. I'm not sure why such an ordinary breakfast routine turned out to be so ... eventful! Jean-Luc joined me as he often does. Today was no different except I was late up and still wasn't dressed when he arrived. I called to him from my bedroom area.

"Jean-Luc! Sit yourself down I'll join you in 5 minutes."

As I stripped to enter the shower I could hear him give one of those impatient sighs. The man can't relax for a minute.

"Would you do me a favour Captain?"


Such a 'suggestive' reply! I couldn't help teasing him. I poked my head around the doorway but hid the rest of me.

"Just reading something will do for now. See that Padd?"

My totally bare arm appeared and pointed him in the right direction.

"It's a short report for Starfleet Medical. I'm not sure I've got my point across clearly. Could you take a look at it?"

He agreed and I got cleaning. He's really getting quite knowledgeable on medical matters, all my chat must be rubbing off. By the time I'd washed and started dressing he called out a few rewording suggestions but stopped talking half way through one of them.

"Jean-Luc? Are you still there?"

"Yes. Sorry ... I was distracted for a moment."

It wasn't until later that I'd realise what had caught his eye. I didn't bother to fix my hair but just tied it up and hurried out to join him. He was sitting facing away from me and studding the report intently. I do find his head attractive, especially when his hair is cut this short. I wanted to stroke it but resisted the temptation. All I did was stand close to his side. Looking down I noticed his hands tightened on the Padd.

"You seem very tense, Jean-Luc. Is something wrong?"

In an effort to relax him I stroked my fingers along the edge of his right ear. He gripped the Padd even harder.

"Actually, Beverly, I'm trying to resist the temptation to touch you."

I froze, but my fingers stayed where they were. Should I? Shouldn't I. What harm would it do? We both want it. Why not give each other a little pleasure?

"I see no reason why you should resist."

I could hear him swallow hard but he didn't move. It was me who egged him on by stroking of his ear. After a short while I saw his hands relax and then his right arm moved slowly down, next to my left leg. I felt him tentatively stroke my calf. Even through the fabric the effect was electric. He took his time before carefully moving upwards.

My left hand was also on the move, I caressed the side of his neck and the soft hair at the back of his head. I can't remember what I did for a while; I was too engrossed in enjoying the feel of his hand as it made its way up my leg and around my buttocks. I do remember clenching my muscles and pressing against his hand, I think that was the point I lost control. I turned towards him and drew him to me, pressing my hips against his chest and his face into my breasts. The next thing I remember was the pair of us standing facing one another. Jean-Luc was holding my wrists by my sides. I'd never seen that look on his face before - the self-control was beginning to crack. He was trying to restrain himself but I didn't help. I tried to move my arms around him and to kiss him but he avoided me skilfully. Strong hands forced my wrists behind my back and the touch of his mouth on my neck numbed my brain. While one hand held my wrists the other removed my hair tie.

I guessed what he had in mind and my chest heaved in anticipation. He paused, watching my face, anxious about my willingness. I answered by moving my hands and making it easy for him to place the elasticated loop around my wrists. The bond was firm but comfortable. I could feel his hands shake slightly with excitement. We stood with our faces centimetres apart, breathing heavily and daring each other to go on.

His next move surprised me. He swiftly led me into the bedroom and placed me facing the long mirror while he stood behind. His hands pressed against my buttocks and I pressed back. I tried to touch him with my hands but he stopped me, gripping my arms he gave them a little shake that said 'No'. I resisted for a moment but then relaxed to show my acceptance. I was rewarded by his resumption of caresses to my backside and his left hand coming around to my abdomen. It lingered there before slowly moving up to rest on my right breast.

I licked my lips in anticipation but nothing happened. Even his right hand stopped its work. My body ached for him to continue. I moved myself, rotating my breast against his hand and he came to life again. It didn't take me long to realise the game had changed. I was now to lead the activities, moving my body to indicate where and how I wanted to be touched. He was quick to learn, adjusting his hands within a second of my desires. Watching myself in the mirror was strange and exciting. All I could see of Jean-Luc was his hands making their way across my uniformed body.

Will I ever be able to look at myself again without blushing? This morning I didn't care. I shamelessly parted my legs and directed his hand between them. I moved my head back and to one side whereupon he obediently traced his tongue up my neck. My arousal was becoming intense but I knew I would never be satisfied in this position. Struggling against the bond only heightened my ache. Jean-Luc must have sensed my concern as he halted and whispered.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, no! Go on! You've got to take me over the edge. Please, lie me on the bed."

Strong arms lifted me - one around my breast and the other between my legs. He laid me face down on the bed while the heel of his hand hit the right spot. I ground myself against him trapping his hand against the mattress. With his free hand he cleared the hair away from my face so he could watch me. My urgency was so strong nothing would have stopped me - not even an attack on the ship. Nearing my climax I paused to savour the moment.

"Do it", I commanded.

With one thrust of his hand I went over the edge. I think I yelled out as the delicious sensation spread up my abdomen and down my legs. I lay there breathing deeply and luxuriating in my sated state. Jean-Luc stroked my cheek and ran his fingers through my hair to cool my head. Eventually I released his arm and twisted myself towards him. At last I saw his face. He looked happy, really happy. That broad smile played across his lips and I found myself saying

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." He replied and we both laughed at the absurdity of our words.

"When you said you'd do 'Anything' for me, Jean-Luc, I hadn't realised quite how far you were willing to go."

"I'd like to show you what else I'm prepared to do but I think they're expecting me on the bridge. Do I have your permission to leave?"

"Only if you agree to join me on a holodeck tonight. I'd like to return the favour."

"I'll be there, and willingly." He lightly kissed my cheek and rose to leave.

"Captain, aren't you forgetting something?"

He looked puzzled.

"My arms! Aren't you going to untie me?"

"Sorry!" He smiled and blushed.

Rolling me over he released my hands but before letting me go he asked.

"You can answer me one thing tonight. Did you know the glass cabinet in your sitting area provides a perfect mirror into your bedroom or were you unaware I could see you dressing this morning?"

After he'd gone I checked out the reflection. I really hadn't known about the mirror effect. Still it has given me some ideas. I'll tell Jean-Luc to wear his Dixon Hill clothes this evening. I've always wanted to help him take them off.

The end.
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