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Why Resist?

by Catherine Ellis

Rating : 17+
Disclaimer : Paramount owns Star Trek. I'm just playing with their toys for my own amusement.

Summary : Picard is invited to explore.

Breakfast was in Beverly's quarters that morning. She was still in her nightwear when Jean-Luc arrived, so he was instructed to read a medical report she'd written while she showered and dressed. For the first few minutes he did as he was told until a distraction became too interesting to ignore. A glass-fronted cabinet was providing a reflection of Beverly dressing in the bedroom area. She spoke to him occasionally totally unaware of the show she was providing or the effect it was having on him.

Picard pretended to be concentrating on the report when she finally appeared beside him in uniform. Her close proximity was more than he could cope with at that moment so he clenched his hands around the PADD least one of them should stray in her direction.

"You seem tense Jean-Luc. Is something wrong?" In an effort to relax him she stroked the back of her fingers along the edge of his right ear. His hands gripped even harder.

"Actually, I'm trying to resist the temptation to touch you."

Beverly froze but kept her fingers in contact with his skin. After several tense seconds she broke the silence.

"I see no reason why you should resist." She waited a moment and then resumed her ear stroking.

Jean-Luc swallowed hard. He remained seated and facing firmly forward but released his right hand from the PADD and moved it so it hung close to her left leg. He paused for a moment before placing his fingers gently on the back of her calf. The muscle felt firm and shapely; he explored it carefully before slowly moving further up.

While he touched her leg Beverly started stroking his head but stopped to fully appreciate the effect his hand was creating. Even through the trouser fabric the sensation was arousing, especially when he reached that warm spot between the top of her thighs and pressed upward with the side of his hand. His next target was her buttock, which she clenched in response to his touch and then twisted herself towards him to offer easier access.

When this had started all she had expected was some sensuous stroking but things had already passed that stage. Now she wanted ... no, needed much more. She pressed her abdomen against his chest in an effort to convey her urgency. Her hands grasped his head firmly as she drew his face towards her breasts but Jean-Luc stood, took hold of her wrists and forced her hands behind her back. He ran his mouth up the side of her neck and moved one hand into her hair while the other still held her wrists. Beverly tried to kiss him on the mouth but he gripped her hair and restrained her. His fingers then slowly removed the elastic loop that held her hair back and moved it to join the other hand at her wrists. She guessed what he had in mind.

"Is there anywhere I can't touch?" he asked calmly.

It was Beverly's turn to swallow, "No."

That word that usually denied all here permitted anything.

Jean-Luc placed the loop so it was just about to encircle her wrists but paused to see if there was any hesitation in her face. He was met with a steady eye as she adjusted her hands to help with the bondage. The loop was just long enough for him to twist and stretch it twice around her, resulting in a firm but comfortable tie. Beverly struggled to test its effectiveness and found herself completely trapped. The sensation was new and exciting. Though she had fanaticised about such games before she had never had the opportunity to indulge with anyone but a holodeck character.

Jean-Luc led her the few steps back into the bedroom area, placed her facing the full-length mirror and stood behind her. As they were almost the same height, all she could see of him was his hands resting on her hips. Though stimulating this situation was also puzzling. In her one-piece uniform that zipped up the back most of her skin was now inaccessible unless he planned to cut her uniform off.

She stepped backwards hoping to rub herself against his body but he was too quick for her. His right hand met her bottom and gave it a stimulating caress. After a while his left hand slid to her midriff and then to her breasts. In the mirror Beverly watched herself responding to these roving hands and longed for them to move downwards. Jean-Luc caught her mood and headed in the desired direction stopping a while at her mound and providing a firm hand for her to press against. Next he gave himself more room between her legs by placing a foot between hers and sliding her right leg to the side. His left fingers found that now moistening spot and pressed upwards forcing her to let out a moan of pleasure. When he moved his hand away she was about to protest when a more satisfying hold grasped her. His right arm came up between her legs from behind almost lifting her from her feet and the heel of this hand hit the target. She bent forward and would have toppled over if his left hand hadn't caught the bonds.

Balanced on her toes, with most of her of her weight resting on that delicious spot and her arms pulled back Beverly could do nothing but savour the sensation his kneading hand was generating. As the pressure grew he manoeuvred her towards the bed so she faced a corner diagonally. There he used his foot again to force her feet wide apart before lowering her forward onto the bed. Her legs straddled the firm corner but the firmest point was still that hand placed between them. There he continued the well aimed kneading while his left hand lifted the hair away from her face to give him a better view.

Beverly had neither seen his face not felt his body since he'd led her into the bedroom. She couldn't tell if he was aroused or just indulging in an intellectual challenge. Either way she wasn't concerned, all she could think about was her own need.

"Please! Take me over the edge!" she implored him.

To her immense frustration he stopped.

"No ... You'll have to do that yourself."

For a second or two Beverly didn't understand what he meant but then realised she'd been left enough freedom to grind herself against his hand. So this was what he wanted! To bring her to a point of such arousal that he could watch her masturbate. She didn't care how peculiar the game was, all she wanted was that glorious sensation. Spreading her legs wider and pressing herself hard against his hand she got there with a yell that turned into a satisfied moan.

Hot and sweaty after her climax, she panted into the bedspread while he raked his left fingers through her hair to cool her down. His right hand remained trapped between the thighs that had now closed on his arm. She didn't want to loose the warm afterglow his contact still created.

"I'd better go now, Doctor, or I'll be late for bridge duty. If you'll excuse me?" He requested before trying to extricate his arm.

"Only if I can return the pleasure this evening?"

There was a frustrating pause before he breathed into her ear, "I see no reason why not."

Released from her grip he was almost at the door before he remembered something and returned to the bed. There he undid one of the loops around her wrists and quickly moved out of reach least she should grab him.

"Be at Holodeck 3 at nineteen hundred hours and don't be late."

"Whatever you say, Doctor, after all you're in charge now."

The End
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