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This list of websites is divided into the following sections:

Stories / Fan Fiction

Eridani - Orion Press TNG Archive A Large collection of TNG stories, many of which were published in zines.
Best of Trek A Large collection of links to what the owners of this site consider the Best Star Trek stories. This includes some TNG ones. There is also a facility to suggest stories to the site owners.
Bev's Quarters P/C Fan Fiction written by Missbevcrusher
FanFiction.net Large collection of Fan Fiction from many TV series including all the Star Trek series.
P/C Fanfiction Archive Stories and Forum run by the Gates Girls group.
Lori's Trek Fic Trek stories by a writer who has won several awards.
Trekiverse Large Collection of Star Trek romantic and erotic stories.
Star Trek Fan Fiction written by Melissa. It was reading these that got me writing my own P/C stories.
TrexPhile's Fan Fiction Some excellent realistic Picard / Crusher stories here.
P/C Stories My own collection of P/C stories.
The Couple More Picard Crusher stories plus a set of good photographs.
BLTS "Better Living through Trek Stories" - large collection of Star Trek stories by different authors. The Next Generation ones are coded TNG.
Captain's Log Heather's P/C stories.

Star Trek

www.startrek.com Paramount's Official Star Trek site
Trek Today - Daily Star Trek gossip.
Trek Core - Fantastic colection of screen captures from Star Trek TV episodes and films.
TrekWeb Another Star Trek gossip site.

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart Network / Fan Club Now updated almost once a week.
A set of BBC interview videos with Patrick made in 2001. The beard is in preparation for his next play.
Patrick News site This site is no longer updated as the PSN site above is now doing its job properly. However this still contains a lot of interesting items about Patrick. Run by Nicky Smith.
July 2001 live performance report. My report of Patrick's one man show "Shylock: Shakespeare's Alien"
Sep 2001 live performance report. My report of Patrick's performance in Johnson over Jordan."
(broken) Washington DC Press club description of Patrick talking to audience. (I'll try and find another copy.)
Patrick's wikipedia entry Biographic information
www.contactmusic.com A good site for photographs of Patrick

Gates McFadden

Gates McFadden's wikipedia entry Biographic information

Other Actors

Brent Spiner A site created by a fan.
Marina Sirtis Official site
Wil Wheaton's site. (aka Wesley Crusher) Wil writes an almost daily diary here. Very readable.
Robert Beltran Official site of this Voyager star
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