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Information about updates to this site.
8th Jun 2011 Brief Encounter
  A new short story called Brief Encounter.
3rd May 2011 New Pictures
  Some new pictures of Patrick.
3rd Jan 2011 Going Home
  A new short story called Going Home.
10th Dec 2010 A new picture of Patrick
  A new picture of Patrick from a BBC Radio interview.
12th July 2010 Four New Short Stories and The Fish Tank
  A collection of four single scene P/C stories written in response challenges. I've always wanted an excuse to write Picard's thoughts when Beverly arrived for breakfast and found Vash in his room …
Also another challenge response called 'The Fish tank.'
10th April 2010 New Pictures of Patrick and Gates
  New pictures I've added a set of pictures of Gates McFadden showing her as Beverly throughout the TNG series. And three of Patrick in 2009 from Theatreland
15th Nov 2009 Put up a new picture of Patrick
  I add an extra picture to my photo gallery. A shot taken in about 1997. I won the print in a raffle run by his fan club. see here
8th Nov 2009 Reposted an old story and changed the text colour
  I have put back an old story called "A Journey" which I wrote in 2003. I also changed the text colour on the Main and MyStories pages from black to white, plus a few other visual changes.
7th Nov 2009 New Story, "Taking Control"
  A new story added.
11th Oct 2009 New picture of Patrick
  A photo from an ITN interview has been added to the photo-page. Also added a link to the Contactmusic.com site on the links page as this website provides good photgraphs of Patrick.
26th Aug 2009 Two short stories "First Encounter" and "Enter Guinan"
  "First Encounter" is an AU story written in response to a challenge. The story covers the first meetings between Jean-Luc and Beverly. The second story "Enter Guinan" is one I wrote and posted several years ago. I took it down from the net because I thought it had too many flaws. This is a revised version. The one scene stroy explains how Guinan came to join the Enterprise.
31st July 2009 New short story "The Old Argument"
  A one scene story.
20th June 2009 Put up sone Pictures of Patrick.
  These shots are taken from the Top Gear TV show.
19th May 2009 Revised my story called Vash Round Three.
  I decide I could make some improvements in this story.
11th February 2009 New story posted, plus home page refresh.
  This is another of those missing scenes stories. It is called Questions and Answers. I also changed the picture on the home page. Rather than a single picture it is now several in a row. I used the 'wonderful' free software called Thumbnails to create small jpg files of the same size which I then pasted together.
22nd January 2009 Redesigned and moved photo index page
  I have moved the photo index page and the photos it links to. They are now on my www.pcstories.net site but still linked to from here. The index is now created using floating DIV elements rather than a table. This makes it easier to maintain.
24th December 2008 New story posted
  The new story is called "Prime Directive.
9th November 2008 RSS feed added
  Today I added an RSS feed to this site. The link is on the home/index page. the URL is http://www.geocities.com/catherine_ell69/pcrssfeed.xml
10th October 2008 New story posted
  "Advice" posted.
3rd August 2008 New story posted
  "Bad Habits" posted.
20th July 2008 New story posted
  "Concerning Your Behaviour" posted.
26th May 2008 New story posted plus corrections
  "Unfinished Business" posted. I also updated "Secret Companion" as there were some mistakes in the English.
13th May 2008 New story posted
  "Secret Companion" posted
26th Mar 2008 New story posted
  "Vash - Round Three" posted
13th Oct 2007 New story posted
  Q-Hog Day story posted.
17th May 2007 Web links updated
  Updated my web links page to remove the broken links and add a few new ones.
13th May 2007 You Left
  Posted short story called You Left. Also added some new pictures and removed some old ones.
10th April 2007 After Life
  Posted last chapters of P/C story called After Life. Finished at last!
4th June 2006 Five Days story posted
  Posted a new P/C story called Five Days.
30th May 2006 Naked? Never!
  Posted a new P/C story called Naked? Never!
7th May 2006 More pictures
  Three more pictures. Two taken during the filming of Insurrection (1998). One on stage during the RSC production of Anthony and Cleopatra (RSC Stratford-upon-Avon)2006
21st Jan 2006 "After Life" Part 9 up
  Part 9 of After Life posted, I have also revised part 5. Added more pictures of Patrick.
11th Jan 2006 "After Life" revised part 3. CSS update
  I have revised part 3 (end of chapter 7) to remove a scene that was out of character for Picard. Appearance of the site change to have a graded blue background.
6th Aug 2005 "After Life" part 8
  Part 8 Added to the story called After Life. (Part 7 was added 15th May.)
Also a new picture of Patrick in his costume for "Extras" added.
30th Apr 2005 "After Life" part 6
  Part 6 Added to the story called After Life.
29th Mar 2005 "After Life" parts
  Parts 3,4, and 5 Added to the story called After Life. also added some pictures I took of Patrick Stewart in March 2005 in London.
20th Feb 2005 "After Life" part 2
  Added the 2nd part of story called After Life.
17th Feb 2005 New story "After Life" part 1
  Added the first part of a new story called After Life. Also put up more pictures of Patrick taken recently.
6th Oct 2004 Two Pictures of Patrick
  Added two new pictures of Patrick taken in Oct 2004 and corrected a few links on Weblinks page. Added a few links.
8th Aug 2004 New story - Perfect Male Mate
  Posted a new story "The Perfect Male Mate". Also removed "A journey" as it is not up to standard yet. Needs more polishing.
12th May 2004 Added two new stories
  Added two new stories (A journey and There is Something ...) plus a few new links on the weblinks page.
31st March 2004 Added transcript of Graham Norton TV show
  Added the transcript of the Graham Norton TV show in the form of a word document.Transcript from Graham Norton Show
24th Sept 2003 Added a few more links
  Added a few more links to fan fiction sites and BBC interviews with Patrick.
27th July 2003 Added pictures of Patrick in London
  Added my photographers of Patrick taken at the PSN Gathering in July 2003.
13th June 2003 Added pictures of Albery Theatre London
  Added the page master2003.html which contains pictures of the Albery theatre London where Patrick Stewart is performing in Ibsen's The Master Builder. Also updated the HTML Info and Challenges pages on this site so that they now look like the other pages.
3rd June 2003 Added the story "Why Me?"
  Added the Spock / Crusher story "Why Me?"
22nd April 2003 Added story sizes to Stories page.
  Added the size of each story in Kbs to the text about each story.
21st April 2003 New story: A Bit of Fun : added.
  Added the story 'A Bit of Fun'. Also on the 4th April added the link section to the home page for the Tall Ship and a Star web ring.
29th March 2003 New Allegiance Follow-Up story added.
  Added the story 'Allegiance Follow-Up' and deleted the old 'Allegiance Revisted' which wasn't good enough.
1st March 2003 Valetine's Day stories added.
  Added the collection of Valentine's Day stories written by a group of P/C writers in response to a challenge.
23rd February 2003 New story 'Assumptions' added.
  Added my new story Assumptions and moved the music score link further down the front page.
28th January 2003 Music score added and site appearance changed.
  Added fctune.html file containing score of melody to First Contact. Also changed the appearance of the site. Main links to other pages are now boxed. Link text is no longer underlined.
1st October 2002 Added 'Something to Confess'
  Added my story - 'Something to Confess'. Changed the background colour of the home page to gray.
21st July 2002 Added Rhonda's story
  Changed story index page to include ones by other writers. Added Rhonda's story 'Second Chance'. Change Story index background colour to gray.
15th June 2002 Home Page revamp
  Gave the site a slightly different name. P/C Stories rather than PC Story Time and made various other changes to text on home page.
9th Apr. 2002 Home Page alterations, Protection from frames
  Altered the home page top banner to get that effect of curving away into space on the white colour bar.
Had to add SCRIPT code to force the home page to fill the whole browser window. This was added because another site on a story ring has the ring code in a frame and my website was turing up in her frame with her web address showing. Also her script code was putting the time in the status bar and thus hiding all references to my url. Not happy about that!
3rd Mar. 2002 New story 'The Gift', and colour utilities
  Added my new story 'The Gift'. Added the colour demonstrator section to the 'HTML Info' page. These give the user control of the appearance of the page. They also give the user the ability to select and try out different background and text colour combinations.
27th Feb. 2002 Revised 'All Good Things - Epilogue'
  Revised 'All Good Things - Epilogue' and included HTMLcode to give users control over the appearance of the page colours. Changed Other page to HTML page.
3rd Jan. 2002 Beverly's Subject and Non-fiction section added.
  Put Beverly's Subject on My Stories page. Changed My Stories page to include Non-Fiction section. Home page now contains web links to two more writing circles.
2nd Dec. 2001 New Story and Challenges page change.
  Put my Why Resist Again story on My Stories page. Changed Challenges page so that it now includes links to story that meet the challenges. Changed home page putting Stewart review links further down the page.
17th Nov. 2001 Picard / Crusher Writers Guild links added.
  Joined the Picard Crusher Writers Guild and added the HTML code for this ring to the bottom of home page. Also added link to the list of guild members to the weblink page.
11th Nov. 2001 More web links added.
  More web links added. Also Meta tags attached to three pages.
1st Oct. 2001 Patrick Stewart stage play report
  I've written a report of the play Johnson over Jordan by JB Priestley. Patrick Stewart appeared in this play in Leeds, GB, during September 2001.
See here.
22nd Aug. 2001 Writing in progress - Part 1 of new story
  I've added a Writing in progress section to the My Stories page and added a story there. Comments on this story would be appreciated. I want to know if it's worth finishing.
See here.
I have introduced margins on many of the pages and set table widths in percentages rather than numbers of pixcels.
10th July 2001 Patrick Stewart live performance report
  I've added a page describing a performance of Patrick Stewart's one man show "Shylock: Shakespeare's Alien" in Leeds, England, July 2001.
See here.
28th June 2001 Marina Sirtis link added.
  The URL for the Official Marin Sirtis web site added to the links page.
16th June 2001 Start Writing page started.
  See the link to the Start Writing page in the links section above.
10th June 2001 New Patrick and Star Trek links added. OTHER page started.
  New links added to the Patrick Stewart and Star Trek sections of the Web Links page. Also I have started to put information on the page I call OTHER.
Commercial at signs replaced by ISO-Latin-1 code for this character on some pages to allow for browsers that can't read my at signs.
27th May 2001 Two stories added, Challenges and Web Links updated.
  'Allegiance revised' and 'All Good Things Epilogue' stories added to the My Stories page.
The Challenges page updated to remove two and add two.
The Web Links page was updated to add new links.
Also the HTML code behind several pages is gradually being simplified.
19th May 2001 Challenges page updated.
  Writing Challenges page updated to include the first challenges. See links to pages above. Also links section on the Home, Challenges and Updates sections amended to alter link colors and tidy up HTML. The font 'ms sans serif' has replaced 'arial' on these three sheets.
7th May 2001 Web links page amended
  The web links page was amended to update the Gates McFadden link to its new location.
6th May 2001 8 new pages added and links section
  The very first version contained only one page. This Updates page has now been added plus all the other main pages. The pages called Start Writing, Challenges and Other are still blank.
Also the basic format of the LINKS section has been established, including the colour of text used in unread links and read links.
5th May 2001 Web site created!
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