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Naked? Never!

by Catherine Ellis

Rating : 17 +
Disclaimer : Paramount owns Star Trek. I'm just playing with their toys for my own amusement.

Summary : This story is an alternative ending to the TNG season 1 episode called "Naked Now". Who needs a plot when you start from that famous Ready Room scene between Picard and Crusher.

These first few lines are copied from the Paramount Star Trek script


Picard realizes that Beverly is beginning to smile at

him a bit sexily. She tries to stop doing so. All this

is complicated for her by the fact she has begun lately

to find this man increasingly attractive.



wipes off smile

It is definitely like alcohol

intoxication, the same lack of

good judgment...

smiling sexily again

For example right now, I find you,

well, extremely...extremely...


Of course we haven't time for that

sort of thing...


What sort of thing?


eyeing his body

Oh God would I love to show you.


Doctor, there must be a cure!

Some formula, similar to the old


As Beverly advances he retreats to the doorway between the Ready Room and the Bridge


leaning against the doorframe

Dammit... dammit, dammit, my dear

captain. You owe me something.

You do realize that, don't you?

I'm a woman; I haven't the comfort

of a husband, a man...

as she speaks she unzips the top few inches of her uniform


Not now, Doctor, please...


This is where my version of the story begins...



he looks over his shoulder to see if they are being observed.

What the !


she runs a finger slowly down the front of his chest

What's the matter ... Jean-Luc?

and says his name sexily


My bridge crew! They're all gone!


forcing her eyes away from his body

So they have!

she is obviously pleased at this turn of events

I think you're going to need me Captain,

here on the bridge.

the double meaning of these words is hinted at but not over done

After all I am a qualified Commander.


swallows nervously. She's right, he does need her, but he doesn't trust himself

I think you're needed in Sickbay.

Someone has to find a cure to whatever it is.


moving closer

Dr Sellar can handle that.

She hasn't been infected.


he's shaking from the effort of restraining himself. His hands move forward to grab her hips but he manages to halt them millimeters from their target.


looking straight in his eyes and smiling bewitchingly

Isn't it time

you took control ...

of the helm?



Yes. Yes. Of course.

he pulls himself away, wiping the sweat from his brow as he heads for the helmsman's chair

Author note : remember that in Season 1 the helmsman sat in a chair that lent back.

once seated he presses areas of the control panel but nothing happens. As he does this we see Beverly's hands appear. She is standing behind him. Her hands start to slide down his chest. Also her hair falls over his face as she leans over to nibble one of his ear lobes.


he grabs one of her hands as it threatens to trespass below his waistline.

Doctor! Please!


swiftly she moves round in front of him, throwing a leg elegantly across him. She stands astride him. There is no physical contact. Yet!

Yes Captain?

What do you want me to do?

She starts tensing and relaxing her groin area in a way that can mean only one thing. Also plays with the zipper on the front of her one piece uniform, lowering it several more centimeters.


sweating profusely. He closes his eyes in an effort to ignore what is being offered.


she reaches out and starts to unzip his uniform

You're dreadfully hot Captain.

Let me make you more comfortable.


from the expression on his face we can assume he is uncomfortably restrained

What I want Doctor . . .

his voice is higher than usual, he pauses and adjusts it down

. . .is for your son

to give me back control of my ship!


Why didn't you say so?

speaking to the computer

Dr Crusher to Wesley Crusher

pause, then..


Yes Mom?


Wes, give the Captain control of the ship.


But Mom ...


That's an order Wes.

as she speaks she continues to lower Picard's zipper. Also her legs move closer together so she is now squeezing him between her thighs.


he's staring, motionless. His fists clenched as he fights the tempation to grab her.



I never have any fun.

Captain Picard won't let me on the bridge.


She moves one hand and places it on the bulge that is trapped within Picard's trousers. She starts to rub expertly. The next line is spoken to Wesley but she is looking at Picard as she says it.

Is that what you'd like ...

To be allowed on the bridge?


Of course! But it's never going to happen.



I wouldn't be so sure.

I can be very persuasive.

She lowers Picard's zipper even more, then slips her hand inside his under-shorts. There she wraps her long fingers around his shaft

Picard is in heaven.


still speaking to Wesley

I'm sure I can get the Captain to grant me anything I ask.


whispering hoarsely

Anything! Anything!


she stops moving her hand and whispers in his ear

A shift at the helm?


Yes! Yes! Anything.


still whispering

Then tell him.



his voice is squeaky. He coughs and gets it back to normal

Wesley Crusher, I hereby grant you permission to man the helm for an entire shift. This in on condition that you return the ship to me, immediately.

There are beeping sounds around the bridge as systems come back online.


You've got it Captain. When can I take the helm? Now?


roaring No!

then calmer I mean not now. Tomorrow, alpha shift.


Aye Aye Sir. Wesley out.


he gives a thankful sigh and relaxes


Note so fast Captain

her hand is still inside his shorts and she resumes the wonderful things it was doing beforehand

Wesley's not the only Crusher who was promised control of the helm.


struggling to resist her

Not here Doctor! Not now!


more dominant than before

Yes Captain! Here! Now!

she withdraws her hand and lowers her still clothed lower half onto his lap. Once there she rubs herself back and forth. At the same time she unzips more of her uniform. As the zip descends Picard sees that she has no bra on. His eyes are fixed on what he hopes will be revealed. When the zipper reaches her mound she adjusts the top of the garment so that her breasts spring free.


he gasps and moves his hands towards them but once again manages to control himself


exasperated. she fondles her own breasts while rubbing harder against his groin



Please! Doctor!

he begs

It's against regulations.



There's a rule banning sex on starships?


Only while on duty and in uniform.


by now she is breathless and panting

But we're still in uniform and were not having sex. We're just engaging in close contact.

she moves forward so she's completely lying on top of him. Her mouth covers his, she thrust harder and harder. As she does her foot hits the control panel. Whatever she's hit it has resulted in the the ship steering away from the exploding sun.


losing all control, he grabs her and pulls her even closer to him. His tongue forces its way into her mouth.

the pair climax together to a chorus of groans and yeses.

When they are spent Beverly relaxes and slips to the floor. There she lies on her back, grinning contentedly. Picard follows her. He's too exhausted to stand. They lie together, entwined, basking in the after glow.

Over the intercom we hear Dr Sellar's voice


Captain, I have found an antidote to the virus.



Very good doctor.


Do you want me to administer it to the crew?


not really interested

As you wish.


Shall I start with you?


looking at Beverly beside him

No need doctor.

In fact you can leave me till last, or even tomorrow.

Picard out.


Computer, secure the bridge doors and lower the lights.

Beverly snuggles closer to him


Earlier you said I 'owed you'. Has the debt been paid?


feigning shock at this suggestion

Certainly not!


smiles happily

Good, I was hoping that was the case.


You know our duty shift ends in 30 minutes, ...


... and with it the restrictions on permitted behaviour.

Till then I need some rest.

he draws her to him ...

the camera pans back from the couple lying on the floor and moves to the view screen where we see thousands of passing stars.

The end.
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