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This page contains links to Picard/Crusher stories and to descriptions of live stage performances by Patrick Stewart. All the stories are by me, Catherine Ellis, unless otherwise stated.
I like stories with plots, humour, romance and characters who behave like the TNG originals. That's what I've tried to provide. You can judge whether I've suceeded.

The stories are age rated to indicate the audience they are suitable for. (13+) means it is suitable for those aged 13 and over.


9th Jan 2012 Breakfast Talk Over breakfast, Picard lets something slip.
9th Jan 2012 When You SmiledThis short story is set at the start of Season 3 of the TNG when Beverly has just returned to the Enterprise after a year away.
8th June 2011 Brief Encounter A Brief Encounter from the past leaves Picard with a lot of explaining to do. This scene is from an alternative time line, it is set when Picard and Crusher have become lovers but aren't yet married.
3rd Jan 2011 Going Home Do you remember the TNG Season One episode called 'Where No One Has Gone Before'? What would have happened if The Traveller hadn't been been able to jump the Enterprise back to Federation space? This story takes them down that alternative time line with the Enterprise faced with a very long journey home. How would that new situation affect relationships? Would Picard and Crusher have remained just friends?
17th July 2010 The Fish Tank A response to a P/C writing challenge that had to include : A nail file, a cigarette, hair removal cream, Riker walking into something he shouldn't, a mouse, a car, a pair of stockings and sex against the fish tank in the ready room. Yes it is possible to create a scene that includes all of that!
12th July 2010 Four Short Stories A collection of four single scene P/C stories written in response challenges. I've always wanted an excuse to write Picard's thoughts when Beverly arrived for breakfast and found Vash in his room …
Nov 2009 Taking Control (Any age) In the recent TNG books Picard hasn't been behaving like the captain we (and Beverly) admire. In this story I've attempted to remedy that shortcoming. The story is set after the episode 'All Good Things' and before the film 'Generations'. Assume also that it comes after the Dominion War.
Aug 2009 First Encounter (Any age) This story has Picard and Crusher in a different universe and time. It tells how they meet and how fate will repeat itself again.
Aug 2009 Enter Guinan(Any age) This short story comes just before Season Two and explains how Guinan came to join the Enteprise.
July 2009 The Old Argument (Any age) We love it when the argue! This short scene is set shortly before the 'Attached' episode.
May 2009 Vash - Round Three (Any age) I first posted this story in 2008. On re-reading it I decided I could do better. This is the revised version. This short story is set after the book Resistance, which means Picard and Crusher are now lovers. On a visit to a Starbase Picard encounters an old flame. Does she still have a stronger pull over him than Beverly?
Feb 2009 Questions and Answers (G/Any age) This is another of those missing scenes stories. We know the event happened just before the start of the TNG book "Greater than the Sum". That book gave us only the briefest outline, thus leaving the details of the scene to our own imaginations. Well this is what I've imagined ...
Dec 2008 Prime Directive (G/Any age) Captain's personal log : The last few days are ones I'd rather forget - but I mustn't, for only if I remember will I learn from my mistakes.
Oct 2008 Advice (G/Any age) This is another of my 'missing scenes' stories. This one is set towards the end of the TNG book 'Death in Winter'. It gives my explanation of how Beverly comes to return to the Enterprise.
Aug 2008 Bad Habits (15+) When you've been single for a long time, it's hard to kick the habits you have established. This story is set 5 months after Picard and Crusher have become lovers. In some ways it is a follow on to my previous story "Concenring Your Behaviour". However it is also complete in its own right.
July 2008 Concerning Your Behaviour (Any age) This light hearted short story provides an alternative ending to the TNG book called "Death in Winter". I didn't like the way the original author had written the pivotal P/C scene. This is my attempt to do something better. Only you can judge whether I have succeeded.
May 2008 Unfinished Business (G) Paramount often omitted scenes we would like to have seen. This short story aims to fill one of those gaps. The scene is set the day after the TNG season 7 episode Gambit.
May 2008 "Secret Companion" (Any age) This short story is set after the book Resistance, which means Picard and Crusher are now lovers.
Oct 2007 Q-Hog Day (17+) Q once gave Picard the chance to relive his past, what would happen if he gave Crusher a similar opportunity?
Aug 2007 "Empathy" (Any age) A visit to Picard's quarters leads to unexpected revelations. This short story is set before Nemesis in the TNG timeline.
May 2007 "You Left Me" (Any Age) This is a short story set 2 years after the TNG episode All Good Things. A stray remark from Picard has unintended consequences.
April 2007 "After Life" (17+) Picard is ailing and humans are mortal, but then maybe they're not. This story has a complicated plot and I don't want to give it away in the summary. You'll have to trust me that it's worth reading. It's a long story so I divided it into sections. Started 2005, finished 2007.
June 2006 "Five Days and Five Weeks" Five days is a long time, anything might happen. Five weeks is a lifetime. This is a Picard & Crusher romance/adventure. The story is set around the same time as Nemesis, but please imagine Nemesis never happened.
May 2006 Naked? Never! (17+) My alternative ending to the TNG Season 1 episode called 'Naked Now'. You know the one. They are all intoxicated and Beverly goes to Picard's Ready Room where she tells him how attractive she finds him. My story starts at that point.
Sep 2005 "First Time" (Any age) A short P/C story. I'm sure you can guess what it's about by the title. (No, not that time!)
Aug 2004 "The Perfect Male Mate" (13+) Remember the TNG episode - The Perfect Mate? Well this is the alternative version in which the metamorph is male and Picard is none too happy with his interest in Beverly.(29kb)
Aug 2004 The Gift. (13+) (Revised Aug 2004.) Set aboard the Enterprise 'E'. Picard gives Beverly a present which causes trouble between them.(36k)
May 2004 "There is something I have been meaning to tell you ..." (13+) Beverly at last tells Picard what she had been meaning to tell him for years. This has a similar topic to 'A Journey' but is a very different story.(7kb)
July 2003 "A Journey" (Any Age) A post-Nemesis Picard presses Beverly to answer some long unanswered questions.
June 2003 "Why Me?" (13+) A sick Spock makes a request that could change Beverly's life forever.(40k)
April 2003 "A Bit of Fun" (13+) Q tempts Geordi into having a little fun at Picard's expense.(12k)
March 2003 Allegiance - Follow-Up (13+) At the end of the TNG episode 'Allegiance' we saw a worried Picard realise his copy must have been playing around with Beverly. This is the missing scene in which he confronts her about what happened. (9k)
Feb 2003 Assumptions. (13+) A Starfleet inspector arrives and the women in Picard's life get him into serious trouble. (75k)
Feb 2003 Mistakes (13+) Picard pays Beverly a visit and does something stupid. (11k)
Oct 2002 Something to Confess (18+) Picard was lost and Beverly learnt to live without him. Now he's back and reunion is proving difficult, especially when there are confessions to make. This story is set at the end of the TNG episode Chain of Command but assumes Picard was not rescued. (58k)
July 2002 Second Chance (13+) by Rhonda Ross. It is the 20th anniversary of Jack Crusher's death and a difficult day for both Picard and Beverly. (59k)
Jan 2002 Beverly's Subject.(13+) Winner - Fiction Prize, Starfleet Ball 2002 Set on the Stargazer when Jack Crusher was still alive. Picard volunteers for one of Beverly's experiments but doesn't realise what he's letting himself in for. (38k)
Feb 2002 All Good Things - epilogue. (any) Version 2 -Feb 2002. What happens after the end of 'All Good Things'? Picard has to cope with knowing the future. (8k)
Nov 2001 Why Resist Again? (18+) A breakfast scene gets out of hand. This is a totally revised version of my story 'Why Resist'. I decided I could do better. On reading the first version I found it too stark and clinical. I have rewritten it from Beverly's point of view. The old version is still here in case you are interested in comparing the two. (10k)
May 2001 Why Resist? (18+) Old version. Picard is invited to explore. (9k)
May 2001 The Wrong Order. (13+) Picard makes a mistake which leads him to pretend to be married to Beverly. After that things get a bit complicated. This was my first story.
In March 2002 I revised it a little to get the story going quicker. (75k)

Non-Fiction, reviews of live performances by Patrick Stewart.

July 2003 Transcript of an interview with Patrick on the Graham Norton TV show. This is a word document.Transcript from Graham Norton Show
July 2001 Shylock : Shakespeare's Alien My review of Patrick Stewart's talk in Leeds July 2001.
Sep 2001 Johnson over Jordan My review of Patrick Stewart's performance in the JB Priestley play in Leeds Sep 2001.
June 2003 A transcript of an interview with Patrick Stewart from the Graham Norton Show June 2003. See pictures of Patrick on that night.

I had always enjoyed making up stories in my head but never realised how interesting, challenging and sociable it could be to actually write them down and share them with others. I was prompted to have a go by an other Fan Fiction writer. So I'd like to thank Melissa for getting me going but particularly Karen Page for her encouragement.


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