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Enter Guinan

by Catherine Ellis

Rating : Any age
Disclaimer : Paramount owns the Star Trek characters etc etc.

Summary: This is another of those missing scene stories. In season two Guinan suddenly appears on the Enterprise but we never learn how she came to be there. I've tried to fill that gap. To understand some of the references in this story you need to remember the season 5 episode called "Time's Arrow" and the scene where Guinan first meet's Picard. I know, time travel makes your head ache!

Picard found a seat in a quiet corner of the bar and stared out of the starbase window.

Should I have tried to make her stay on the Enterprise? Blocked her transfer?

He decided not, it would hardly have endeared him to her. The Starfleet Medical job she was moving to was quite an honour.

Should I have told her how much I'd miss her?

Would she care? He was 19 years her senior and she had plenty of other admirers. Why should she welcome his attention more than anyone elses?

And yet? And yet?

There were times on the holodeck when he was sure it was more than flirting between them. If Data hadn't followed us into Dixon Hill's office I think we would have ...

Enough of this!

Why torment yourself?

Raised voices caught his attention. A human couple at a nearby table were quarrelling over a trivial issue. Something about them said 'husband and wife'. At any other time their behaviour would have confirmed Picard's antipathy to marriage, but not today.

Don't they know how lucky they are?

He was tempted to interrupt them. You have someone to love and be loved by. Don't risk that with this petty squabbling!

He sighed and tried to ignore them. Through the window he could see Dr Crusher's ship exiting the starbase hangar. Its cautious movements suggested a trainee was at the helm.

A bit slow, he judged, but no paint's been lost.

He continued to watch as the ship turned, gathered speed and then disappeared into the vastness of space.

That was it! Beverly was gone.

"Cheer up Picard, she'll be back." The words came from a humanoid woman in a large hat. He was about to ask her to leave him alone but something in her manner interested him.

"How do you know it's a woman?"

"If you were worried by a work problem you'd be back on your ship 'doing' something about it."

He smiled at her accurate assessment of his behaviour.

"Do you know me?" , he enquired.


"Do I know you?"

"No, but you will do." He nodded, somehow this enigmatic statement seemed perfectly reasonable.

"Care to join me?" Picard waited for her to sit down, then asked, "what makes you think she'll be back?"

"Just a hunch."

"You can do better than that."

"Aren't there people on the Enterprise she cares about?"

"Her 16 year old son is still on board, but he's due to join her on Earth soon."

"Do you think he likes being aboard your ship?"

Picard gave an amused snort. He could guess where she was heading. The strategy was a good one but he wasn't sure it was ethical.

He changed the subject. "We both know why I'm hanging around in this bar, what's your excuse?"

"I run this place, or at least I do until tomorrow when the owner gets back."

The sound of the bickering from the other table grew louder. Everyone turned to watch. Picard's companion raised a hand and beckoned a waiter.

"Bring us two Bollian High Balls and give the angry couple some of Nigella's apple pie."

The waiter seemed unsure.

"I know, it's revolting," she continued, "but they could do with something to agree about."

Picard laughed and looked at her admiringly.

"I think your skills are wasted on bar-keeping."

"Thank you Captain, but don't underestimate the role, it takes more talent than people realise. Besides I learn a lot, people tell me things they'd never tell a counsellor or even their diary. Which suits me fine because I come from a race of listeners. I'm an Ellorian."

The waiter returned with two blue coloured drinks, Picard eyed them suspiciously.

"It's all right", she assured him, "it won't make you lose control."

"Ellorian? Your race is very long lived isn't it?"

"By your standards, yes. Measured in Earth years I'm over 500."

"Five hundred!"

"Well nearer 6 actually, but who's counting."

"You must have lived through events that I only know about through history books."

"Does that make me the lucky one or you?"

The captain laughed, he was enjoying her company and didn't want it to end. At the other the angry couple were now happily reminiscing about the worst meals they had ever shared.

"You know we have a bar-come-restaurant on the Enterprise. I've been looking for a civilian to run it - someone to create a place where the crew can relax and get away from their duties. You wouldn't happen to be interested would you?"

"Do I get to see the galaxy?"

"I guarantee it. And you'll have the best view in the ship."

"Then I accept."

Picard rose and shook her hand.

"Thank you. Shall we say tomorrow, at eleven hundred hours? I'll tell the security officer to expect you. What name shall I give him?"


He bowed and started to leave.

"Picard!" she called after him, "when you contact your lady friend tell her about the new bar-keeper you've recruited ... but skip the bit about my age."

Picard left the bar feeling happier than he'd done in days. He at last had a strategy for tempting Beverly back. He would tell her what the Traveller had told him about her son. Of course, it would still be up to her whether Wesley stayed on the ship or not. But surely, he smiled to himself, she was sure to want the boy to realise his potential?

The end.
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