After Life

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After Life

by Catherine Ellis

Summary : Picard is ailing and humans are mortal, but then maybe they're not. This story has a complicated plot and I don't want to give it away in the summary. You'll have to trust me that it's worth reading.
It's a Picard / Crusher story set after his retirement from Starfleet. Pretend Nemesis never happened.

Disclaimer : Paramount own all the characters, I'm just exercising them for my own amusement.

Rating : 17+ , Angst. The Sex is only occasional and and where relevant to the plot.

April 2007 : I've finished this at last! To all of you who started reading this story two years ago I must give a humble apology. I know how annoying it is to have spent time to reading a story and then not to be given an ending. You'll also have to forgive me for re-writing some of the chapters you have already read. I have restarted at Part 5 (chapter 15). This was necessary because the characters were getting involved in side plots which did not contribute to the main story. I've stopped all that bad behaviour (I hope).

Proofreading this work was a massive task. Some brave souls helped with a few chapters until I broke their spirits asking for more. Many thanks to all of you, I know how much I owe you. If any reader finds any of the remaining errors (sorry there will be some) then YES I would like to hear about them. Correcting them will improve the experience for subsequent readers. I think I should shut up now and let you get on with the story.

This is a long story so I have decided to post it in sections.

Part 1 : Chapters 1 to 3 17th Feb 2005

Part 2 : Chapters 4 to 6 20th Feb 2005

Part 3 : Chapters 7 to 10 26th Feb 2005, revised 11th Jan 2006

Part 4 : Chapters 11 to 14 10th Mar 2005

Part 5 : Chapters 15 to 19 10th Apr 2007 << Restarted here

Part 6 : Chapters 20 to 23 10th Apr 2007

Part 7 : Chapters 24 to 27 10th Apr 2007

Part 8 : Chapters 28 to 33 10th Apr 2007

Part 9 : Chapters 34 to End 10th Apr 2007

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