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This site contains 41 stories about the Star Trek Next Generation characters Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher. If you like your fan fiction to have humour, romance and a plot then I think you will enjoy these. Of course, I have Picard and Crusher doing things Paramount wouldn't dare film.

It has been a while since I updated this website. I know some of you are disappointed I have not finished certain stories. Real life has been getting in the way of my writing. However I do want to finish them and can still remember how they should end. Bye for now.

Jan 2012: Breakfast Talk Over breakfast, Picard lets something slip.

Jan 2012: When You Smiled This short story is set at the start of Season 3 of the TNG when Beverly has just returned to the Enterprise after a year away.

Jan 2012: Three new pictures of Patrick Pictures page These were taken in 2011.

Jun 2011: Brief Encounter New story. A Brief Encounter from the past leaves Picard with a lot of explaining to do.

Jan 2011: Going Home Do you remember the TNG Season One episode called 'Where No One Has Gone Before'? What would have happened if The Traveller hadn't been been able to jump the Enterprise back to Federation space? This story takes them down that alternative time line with the Enterprise faced with a very long journey home. How would that new situation affect relationships? Would Picard and Crusher have remained just friends?

Dec 2010: A new picture of Patrick taken from a BBC Radio interview.

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